Hall rental: $120. One and a half hours includes Happy Birthday sign and tables and chairs set up. Each additional half hour is $30.

Party Leader:  $100 Experienced, animated and fun…our party leader will keep your guests moving and shaking as she leads them in games and dances.


Basic Hall Rental with Party leader (leads guests in party games and dances): $220

Hip Hop – Boy/Girl party: Leader teaches an age appropriate hip hop dance and leads games w/ guests

Princess/Girl Party: Leader is dressed as a princess/ guests may also dress as princesses and leads them in games

Diva /Girly Party: Guests and teacher dress as Divas/ leader leads them in Party games and dances




  1. You may arrive ½ hour before the party for setup (unless other arrangements have been made).
  2. Our Basic party, is 1 ½ hours. If extra time is required there will be an additional charge. We will supply the Hall, a Happy Birthday sign, tables, chairs, and music, (or you may bring your own CD’s.
  3. There is no limit to how many guests you may have. However we need an idea of numbers when booking.
  4. Party leaders are available at an extra charge to lead a dance party and or games. (tipping is appreciated but NOT expected).
  5. You will be responsible for bagging all garbage before leaving. (We will dispose of it)
  6. A $50 deposit will hold your date. Or you may pay in full. You may cancel up to 5 days before without losing your deposit. (We take, cash, checks, credit cards)
  7. If there is a balance, it must be paid on the party day. (cash only)
  8. We are on the 3rd floor but we have an elevator for your convenience if needed.
  9. Children are not allowed on our stage unless instructed to do so by the party leader.

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